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Can i use vpn or go with Dns.

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How Virtual Private Network Work ?

A VPN servers makes it easier for users to connect to a virtual private network to abroad. That's because it is the actual software that is installed on your computer, phone or tablet. The most common operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and iOS, already come with VPN client software pre-installed. Now days many software company also provide vpn software which is easy to connect and configure the vpn. Download OpenVpn.

How Dns Server Work ?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a central part of the internet, providing a way to match names. DNS syncs up domain names with IP addresses enabling humans to use memorable domain names while computers on the internet can use IP addresses.
Along with the benefits, there are security risks associated with DDNS. Attackers can use DDNS services to change the IP addresses that host command-and-control (cac) servers. Malware campaigns and even exploit kits can utilize DDNS services as part of their payload distribution. As they can also use DDo's attack to make page suffer. o

Which is best to use Dns or Vpn ?

About their speed, DNS has a smaller impact on your internet speed than VPN. This is because VPN needs to use some bandwidth for encryption. DNS doesn't encrypt your data, this makes your connection faster.
VPN services and DNS. Both of the tools allow you to access geo-restricted content, only a VPN encrypts your Internet connection, hides your IP address, and protects your online privacy when you access the web.

Some Link of best Vpn and Dns site.


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5.Smart Dns

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