Virus Creation method 2021

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How to create virus and embed with software ?

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How to Create Virus through PC ?

To Create Virus from pc you have to download Kali linux because window is not able to use metaspolit framework, so you have to download kali linux. Download Kali Linux
After download kali linux, you have to download aircracking script here is the link Download Metasploit.
Watch the video above for demo.

How does virus work ?

Here are some of the possible consequences of a computer infection:
Loss of performance. Malware can make your computer process things more slowly. That means it may take increasingly longer for you to get work done or just look up a quick fact.
Loss of functionality. In extreme cases, the virus can degrade your computer performance or programming so badly that you can no longer use your machine.

Exposure to other negative software. The purpose of some malware is to entice you to download even more dangerous software.

Loss of information. Viruses might delete stored files or data.

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Note:- The following action can lead to you jail. This is only for educational purpose.

Script link?

1. Bettercap

2. Password Crack

3. Hydra

4. HTTP brute

by Abhishek Singh