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How Kali and Parrot Work? Which is best for beginner?
Top tools which can be used for web pentesting ..?

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What is the main difference between kali linux and Parrot OS ?

Both Kali Linux and Parrot OS are Linux distributions. So firstly, Linux is an operating system just like windows and mac OS. In fact Mac and Linux share a lot of similarities, many of the command line arguments that you use on Linux work on Mac. Now linux also work in Window 10 by installing through given link.
Download Kali linux in Window 10.
Kali Linux is known as the “Swiss army knife” of penetration testing. Their are several security tools such as Nmap, Wireshark, Burpsuite and Metasploit and Aircrack-ng and many more. There are many website which provide challange for Web pentesting.
Web Pentesting Challanges.

Now We Can Go on Parrot OS.
Parrot OS is also a Linux distribution that comes pre-installed with pentesting tools. One of the main advantages of Parrot OS compared to Kali Linux is that parrot OS is considered lightweight and User-Friendly. This means that it requires much less disk space and processing power to run effectively. One of the major disadvantage of Parrot OS is that it’s not as beginner friendly as Kali Linux and it doesn’t come with as many tools. Parrot OS is more of a use case specific distribution where you’re looking for something more lightweight than Kali Linux.
You Can Download Parrot OS for Window 10.
As Given Link. Download Parrot for free.

Now which we use as a beginner ?

The both distributions are designed with security purposes, so both are very good for penetration testing. Overall, I would recommend Kali Linux because it’s more easy with beginners and it will be easier to learn, especially for a beginner.
You can download new tools and scripts through github, change the look of the background etc. It’s an operating system so you can change it however you like, Tools you start with and the requirements for your computer system. If you are very low on space or looking to run you have to go with Parrot OS instead of Kali Linux.

Is kali linux and Parrot OS is paid like Window OS?

No, it is not Paid OS like Window.
You can Download it free from there offical Site as well as there Document and Tools are also free. I have given there offical download link below you can download and start your Hacking or Security carrer.

1. Parrot OS with Security Addition.

2. Download Kall linux

Best Pentesting Tool and Software Available in Internet.

These are few Pentesting tool which is used by security specailist :-


2. Nessus


4.Net Sparker


These are various tools which can perform web pentesting.

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By :- Abhishek Singh