Data Sniffing and Spoofing method 2021

This Article is only for Educational Purpose.

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How to Sniff data through PC ?

To Sniff data from pc you have to download Kali linux because window is not able to make monitor mode, so you have to download kali linux. Download Kali Linux
After download kali linux, you have to download aircracking script here is the link Download Bettercap.
Watch the video above for demo.

How to sniff data through mobile ?

Attacker need a rooted phone for attacking this attack. You need this apk link given below.

Download link

Note:- The following action can lead to you jail. This is only for educational purpose.

Script link?

1. Bettercap

2. Password Crack

3. Hydra

4. HTTP brute

by Abhishek Singh