Social Media Account Brute force attack perform

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How Bruteforce attack Done !!

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How can you protect from this attack ?

An attacker can always discover a password through a brute-force attack, but the downside is that it could take years to find it. Depending on the password’s length and complexity, there could be trillions of possible combinations. You can make password like, A capital word, small word, @#$%, and combination of a numbers. it will make hacker to crack passwords very hard to find.
Many physical locations use a biometric two-factor authentication system to control access. In biometric authentication, the user first enters a password or passcode, then uses a physical confirmation of their identity. The physical component could be a thumbprint, a retinal scan, or even facial or voice recognition. The advantage of biometric authentication is that the user is always in possession of the secondary component because it is part of them.

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by Abhishek Singh